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It's a feature that usually crops up on more expensive sports watches, so it's definitely a positive to see it appear on the Spark. The reason you can do this on the Spark 3 is because tomTom has now included a compass, which means unfortunately you're not going to see this feature crop up on the older Spark. If you just want to get out running and view your route, you'll need to calibrate the compass first, which is done in the sensors section inside the watch settings. It requires rotating the module in different directions, and we'd suggest taking the module out of the strap to do this as it didn't calibrate when we left. Then you can start tracking a run as normal and you'll now be able to skip to a screen where you can an overview screen and a zoomed-in screen to view your route. After a few runs and doing my best to get lost, it did get me back to my starting point. The more interesting application is the ability to upload routes. TomTom supports the ability to upload gpx files, the most common gps data file format.

verschil tomtom spark en runner 2

That gps pick-up on binnenkant average tegen takes about a minute to a minute and half on average, and while it's not as rapid as most Garmin running watches, it was quicker than the polar V800. Read this : Best gps watches for cycling ranked and rated. Crucially, it's still just very easy to set up and get out running. If there's one slight niggle we still have, it's that inability to view a workout summary without having to jump into tracking mode again. It's worse still if the battery is low and you're only using it in watch mode and can't check in on your last run.

There are notable improvements for treadmill run tracking, something that wasn't all that great on the first Spark. It's still accelerometer based but on the few runs we put it to the test, it's a lot more consistent with tracking distance covered on the treadmill. It makes a great swimming companion too, once you correctly configure the pool size. The original Spark won silver in our big swim tracking test, and it's more of the same from the Spark. TomTom Spark 3: route exploration, the main reason you'd consider upgrading from the Spark to the Spark 3 is the new route exploration feature. This basically means you can now go out on a big run and the route will be mapped out on the watch screen, helping you navigate your way home a little easier. You can now add routes to the watch as well, which is handy if you want to run an approximate distance or just freshen up your running routes.

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There's also activity and bachbloesem sleep tracking although it still feels very secondary to the whole experience and very easy to ignore. Press left on the big physical button and you can see a daily or weekly breakdown of steps, calories, distance covered and active minutes. Data is in the same ballpark as the. Jawbone up3 we've worn alongside it for the past few weeks. But as we've said, it still feels very much of an afterthought. Gps tracking compared: TomTom mysport v runkeeper. In terms of sports tracking, we focused our attention on outdoor running, but also put treadmill running, swimming and gym modes through their paces as well. For running, it's still a fantastic performer. From the training modes to the quick gps signal pick-up, it still impresses.

verschil tomtom spark en runner 2

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Having worn the mediterrane Spark all day, we know that it can get quite sticky underneath the strap and there's been a noticeable difference on that front. You'll also get a less of a strap imprint on your wrist as well. The strap design tweak along with a few more colours to choose from still makes this every bit a sports watch, but it certainly feels a lot more svelte than what you can get from Garmin or Polar. It doesn't try to masquerade as something more stylish, and that's fine with. It's light, comfortable, still has a really intuitive user interface and is very easy to use. TomTom Spark 3: Sports tracking, as far as tracking is concerned, it's more of the same. There are seven sports modes along with a stopwatch option offering the very same metrics as its predecessor.

It still has the recepten same removable watch module and screen with the optical heart-rate sensor built into the back. That does mean you can slip it easily into any other Spark straps you already own. It also uses the same charger, which we're not the greatest fans off, but it's not going to budge from that cradle when you need to power. Now use it better : TomTom Spark 3 tips and tricks. TomTom has changed the strap though. The look is the same with a few colours thrown into the mix, but now the inner side of the strap is softer and more textured to help wick away sweat. If you're planning to wear it 24/7 for activity and sleep tracking, then that's a good thing.

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The tomTom Spark 3 is the successor to our current top running watch pick, the, tomTom Spark. With the arrival of the Spark 3 (also known as the tomTom Runner 3 the company is sticking with the same formula while making some changes in the design and tracking departments. You still get gps, multi-sport tracking (when you need a break from the running 24/7 activity tracking and a heart rate sensor. Crucially, it's still the only dedicated gps running watch that lets you stream music without your phone. Essential reading : Garmin Forerunner 935, but it's not just a meaningless update. TomTom has added route exploration for the first time, building in a compass sensor to make it easier to find your way home or discover a new running trail. While the Spark might not get the same attention as Garmin and Polar's running watches as a relative newcomer to this world, it's steadily becoming a serious rival. We've put the new Spark 3 through its paces to see if TomTom is evolving the Spark into the ultimate running watch. TomTom Spark 3: Design, we won't dwell too much vergoeding on what the Spark 3 looks like because there's not a lot to report if you're familiar with the first Spark.

Verschil tomtom spark en runner 2
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