Verder, koorts, koorts is een signaal dat er virussen of bacteriën in het lichaam zijn en door de hogere temperatuur kan het lichaam deze beter bestrijden. Wat kun je zelf doen als je peuter koorts heeft? Verder, gewicht, de meeste baby's wegen na een normale zwangerschapsduur van negen maanden tussen de 2500 en 4500 gram. Vervolgens neemt het gewicht in de eerste vier maanden toe met ongeveer 100 tot 250 gram per week. Verder, hechting, je kind gaat je vertrouwen als je het liefde geeft, als je contact maakt en goed reageert op zijn of haar behoeften. Er ontstaat dan een band tussen jullie. Hoe bevorder je een goede hechting?

baby de hik de geboorte duurt het nog even voordat een baby lacht en met je praat, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat er geen communicatie of contact mogelijk is, integendeel! Verder, bloed in de luier, als je opeens bloed ontdekt in de luier van je kind, kun je daar enorm van schrikken. Wanneer ga je ermee naar de huisarts?

Verder, slaaphouding, de houding waarin je kind slaapt is belangrijk voor de veiligheid en voor de ontwikkeling van het hoofdje. Hoe leg jij je baby veilig te slapen? Kan je baby niet uit je borst drinken? Dan is kolven een goede oplossing. Zo kun je je baby toch waardevolle moedermelk blijven geven. Hoeveel en wanneer kolf je? Verder, fontanel, op het hoofd van je baby zitten twee fontanellen: een zacht plekje midden bovenop en een kleiner plekje op het achterhoofd. Hoe ga je om met de fontanellen? Verder, hik, als je baby te snel eet of drinkt of plots veel lucht hapt, is de kans groot dat hij de hik krijgt. Maar vaak is de hik van je baby onverklaarbaar. Wat kun je doen aan de hik?

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Naar hoofdnavigatie, naar hoofdinhoud, opvoeden, opgroeien en gezondheid, baby. Krentenbaard, meestal zie je krentenbaard in het gezicht. Krentenbaard is onschuldig, maar wel besmettelijk. Wat kun je zelf doen bij krentenbaard? Verder, glutenvrije ondertemperatuur, je baby kan ondertemperatuur krijgen door een koude omgeving. Baby's hebben snel last van afkoeling. Dat gebeurt vaak 's nachts. Zorg er dus voor dat je kind warm genoeg gekleed.

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On Absalon's death, the property was to come into the ownership of the bishopric of Roskilde., the Church of Our Lady was constructed on higher ground to the northeast of the town, which began to develop around. 15 As the town became more prominent, it was repeatedly attacked by the hanseatic league. As the fishing industry thrived in Copenhagen, particularly in the trade of herring, the city began expanding to the north of Slotsholmen. In 1254, it received a charter as a city under Bishop jakob Erlandsen 21 who garnered support from the local fishing merchants against the king by granting them special privileges. In the mid 1330s, the first land assessment of the city was published. With the establishment of the kalmar Union (13971523) between Denmark, norway and Sweden, by about 1416 Copenhagen had emerged as the capital of Denmark when Eric of Pomerania moved his seat to copenhagen Castle. 23 The University of Copenhagen was inaugurated on by king Christian i, following approval from Pope sixtus.

The remains of an ancient church, with graves dating to the 11th century, have been unearthed near where Strøget meets Rådhuspladsen. These finds indicate that Copenhagen's origins as a city go back at least to the 11th century. Substantial discoveries of flint tools in the area provide evidence of human settlements dating to the Stone Age. 13 Many historians believe the town dates to the late viking Age, and was possibly founded by Sweyn i forkbeard. The natural harbour and good herring stocks seem to have attracted fishermen and merchants to the area on a seasonal basis from the 11th century and more permanently in the 13th century. 15 The first habitations were probably centred on Gammel Strand (literally "old shore in the 11th century or even earlier. 16 The earliest written mention of the town was in the 12th century when Saxo Grammaticus in Gesta danorum referred to it as Portus Mercatorum, meaning Merchants' harbour or, in the danish of the time, købmannahavn.

17 Traditionally, copenhagen's founding has been dated to bishop Absalon 's construction of a modest fortress on the little island of Slotsholmen in 1167 where Christiansborg Palace stands today. The construction of the fortress was in response to attacks by wendish pirates who plagued the coastline during the 12th century. Defensive ramparts and moats were completed and by 1177. Clemens Church had been built. Attacks by the germans continued, and after the original fortress was eventually destroyed by the marauders, islanders replaced it with Copenhagen Castle. Middle Ages edit In 1186, a letter from Pope Urban iii states that the castle of Hafn (Copenhagen) and its surrounding lands, including the town of Hafn, were given to Absalon, bishop of Roskilde and Archbishop of Lund 11771201, by king Valdemar.

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The copenhagen-Ringsted Line will relieve traffic congestion in the corridor between Roskilde and Copenhagen. Serving roughly two million passengers a month, copenhagen Airport, kastrup, is the busiest airport in the nordic countries. Contents Etymology edit The name of the city reflects its origin as a harbour and a place of commerce. The original designation, from which the contemporary danish name derives, was Køpmannæhafn, meaning "merchants' harbour often simply hafn or havn harbour. The literal English translation would be " chapman 's haven ".

8 The English name for the city was adapted from its Low German name, kopenhagen. Or Kbhvn are often used in Danish for København, and kbh. For københavnsk (of Copenhagen). 9 The chemical element hafnium is named after Copenhagen ( Latin name hafnia where it was discovered. 10 The bacterium Hafnia is also named after Copenhagen: Vagn Møller of the State serum Institute in Copenhagen named it in 1954. 12 History edit main articles: History of Copenhagen and Timeline of Copenhagen Reconstruction of Copenhagen. . 1500 Early history edit Although the earliest historical records of Copenhagen are from the end of the 12th century, recent archaeological finds in connection with work on the city's metropolitan rail system revealed the remains of a large merchant's mansion near today's Kongens Nytorv from. Excavations in Pilestræde have also led to the discovery of a well from the late 12th century.

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The largest lake of Denmark, arresø, lies around 27 miles (43 kilometers) northwest of the city hall Square. Copenhagen is pijn home to the University of Copenhagen, the technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. The University of Copenhagen, founded in 1479, is the oldest university in Denmark. Copenhagen is home to the fc københavn and Brøndby football clubs. The annual Copenhagen Marathon was established in 1980. Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. The copenhagen Metro launched in 2002 serves central Copenhagen while the copenhagen S-train and lokaltog ( private railway ) and the coast Line network serves and connects central Copenhagen to outlying boroughs. To relieve traffic congestion, which is partly the result of increased traffic because of the fehmarn Belt Fixed Link road and rail construction is planned because the narrow 9-9.5 mile isthmus between Roskilde Fjord and Køge bugt (Køge bay) forms a traffic bottleneck.

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Nelson attacked the dano-norwegian fleet and bombarded the city, rebuilding during the danish Golden Age brought a neoclassical look to copenhagen's architecture. Later, following the second World War, the finger Plan fostered the development of housing and businesses along the five urban railway routes stretching out from the city centre. Since the turn of the 21st century, copenhagen has seen strong urban and cultural development, facilitated by investment in its institutions and infrastructure. The city is the cultural, economic and governmental centre of Denmark; it is one of the major financial centres of Northern Europe with the copenhagen Stock Exchange. Copenhagen's economy has seen rapid developments in the service sector, especially through initiatives in information technology, pharmaceuticals and clean technology. Since the completion of the Øresund Bridge, copenhagen has become increasingly integrated with the Swedish province of Scania and its largest city, malmö, forming the Øresund Region. With a number of bridges connecting the various districts, the cityscape is characterised by parks, promenades and waterfronts. Copenhagen's landmarks such as tivoli gardens, the little mermaid statue, the Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces, rosenborg Castle gardens, frederik's Church, and many museums, restaurants and nightclubs are significant tourist attractions.

The Øresund Bridge connects the two cities by rail and road. Originally a, viking fishing village founded in the 10th century, copenhagen became the capital of Denmark in the early 15th century. Beginning in the 17th century it consolidated its position as a regional centre of power with its institutions, defences and armed forces. After suffering from the effects of plague and fire in the 18th century, the city underwent a period of redevelopment. This included construction of the prestigious district. Frederiksstaden and founding of such cultural institutions as the. Royal Theatre and the, royal teveel Academy of Fine Arts. After further disasters in the early 19th century when.

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This article is about the city in Denmark. For other uses, see. Place in Capital (hovedstaden denmark, copenhagen a danish : København købmhɑwn ( listen latin : Hafnia ) is the capital and most populous city. The city has a population of 775,033 (as of January 2018 of whom 613,288 live in the. Municipality of Copenhagen and the, copenhagen urban area has a population of 1,308,893 (as of January 2018). 6 7, copenhagen is situated on the eastern coast of the island. Zealand ; another small portion of the city is located. Amager, and is separated from, malmö, sweden, by the strait of Øresund.

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