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The best place to buy a used bike would have to be this website is basically the dutch ebay. There are no guarantees that the bike you buy isnt stolen though, but dont let that bother you too much (it doesnt really bother anyone else here in Holland). It means you wont have a receipt and the bike wont be registered (whether its a legitimate bike or not). If youre happy to buy a brand new bike then youve got loads of options. The cheapest ones tend to start at around 160 Euros at places like halfords. The better bikes and the best brand names normally range from Euros there are heaps of bicycle shops that can cater for you here. Bike theft is rampant in The netherlands (only because there are so many of them so if you get a new bike try and lock it inside or get a super thick chain.

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(Or is it just me?). See more on this in the comments from a dutch native. So be prepared for that, we got a nice little shock at any rate. Buying a bike in Holland Theres no way you can consider yourself a dutch Expat unless youve acquired your very first bicycle. There are bicycle paths literally everywhere in Holland, and youll find people riding past no matter where you are.

Bicycles are very much a tool to them to be used for getting around. I remember I was riding with a friend here in Rotterdam, and I was yelling with glee like a school girl because riding is so fun. I asked him, dont you enjoy riding? To which he replied, not really. Weve been riding them since we are little. We just use them to get from point A to point. Anyway, i cannot paint them all with the same stereotypical brush, but rest assured youre going to have a lot middenrif more fun riding around drinken then a lot of the locals and thats the way it should be, right?

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Whats great about these sites is that they both have english buttons for their sites and they even offer contracts and contract translations into English. This is awesome, and is definitely not something you would find in France for example. This makes the whole process a lot easier for expats like you and. We managed to find a great apartment in central Rotterdam for a reasonable price, and were really happy with. I dont know if we got lucky or what, but we found it through Pararius.

There always seemed to be new listings going up every day. Be aware that getting an apartment in a nice area of Amsterdam is not going to be cheap. Were in a great area of Rotterdam, but we must pay about 50 less than an equivalent apartment in Amsterdam. Our Apartment in Rotterdam. A final point About Apartments hold Onto your Hats! Were from Australia, and in Australia as a tenant you dont pay a cent when you sign a tenancy agreement for an apartment or house. In The netherlands however, you pay the real estate agent a finders fee which equals to one months rent. This doesnt go to rent or bond or anything like that, it is a straight fee from your pocket to the agents. I know, its crazy, right?

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The apartment sites Im going onderbuik to discuss bachbloesem next in this article both cater for Expats and even offer English contracts and translations. If you really get stuck in this process, i would suggest getting down to the local expat desk, and they should be able to help you out. Rotterdam ExpatDesk, how to get An Apartment In The netherlands. The two best websites in my opinion for getting an apartment in Holland are: has the largest selection of houses, apartments and units. A great place to start and caters for expats. not as large as Pararius, but still has a lot on offer. Its worth checking both sites. a website recommendation from Chantal (see comments). Thanks for the tip!

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Theyre not known for their speedy service unfortunately, mine took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. If youre not on an eu passport, then youll need the relevant working visas, australians can get a one year visa under a reciprocal agreement between the two countries. We found them to be truly hopeless though when it came to organising Trudys work visa. We got there in the end but it was such a drawn out process, and all of the work Trudy did in Australia for her Dutch visa seemed to ultimately be a waste of time. The catch In The Process, a problem that can arise is that they will want an address from you to post the bsn paperwork which needs to be either your new house or apartment (they may want to see your tenancy agreement as proof). I was living at makelaarscourtage a family members house, so they wanted them to fill out a form and provide copies of their own id it was basically a vote of confidence in me that said hes an alright guy, i mean weve got him. If you dont know anyone at all in The netherlands, dont worry. As long as you have some money saved (which would be wise if youre trying to setup in a new land) you can get an apartment before registering and getting your bsn.

Dutch health Insurance, supermarkets, rotterdam vs Amsterdam, the cube houses in Rotterdam and a funky building in the background. When you first Arrive in The netherlands registration With The gemeente. Registering And Getting your bsn, the first thing youll need to do when you arrive and plan on staying in The netherlands is register with the gemeente this translates as municipality in English, but it basically means the local council. Every city will have a gemeente where you can do this. In Rotterdam you can show up without an appointment before midday, but youll need to make an appointment if you can only come in the afternoon. You have to register to obtain your bsn (social security/tax file number) so there is no way around the process. If you dont do this youll essentially be living illegally in The netherlands, plus youll want your bsn as quickly as possible anyway as youll need it for work and to open a bank account. If youre here on an eu kind passport, then the registration process is relatively simple youll have a quick interview, theyll have you fill out some forms and then check your documents and your bsn should come in the mail over the next 2 4 weeks.

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Posted by, tom in, europe, the netherlands (Holland) 86 comments, if you didnt know already, i currently live in Rotterdam in The netherlands with my girlfriend Trudy. Ive only been here for about 4-5 months so far, but Im really enjoying the experience of living somewhere completely foreign to my homeland of Australia. I want this guide to be the best resource for those who might be planning to move and live in The netherlands like. Im going to put up everything weve learned from setting up our life here, from where to buy a bicycle to the best websites for finding an apartment. I feel comfortable giving you all of this information because i just spent the last 4 months living it and breathing. I truly think this will be way more valuable to you then some dutch Expat information written on a company website. I wish i knew some of this stuff before we tomtom moved here! Registering getting your bsn, how to get An Apartment. Buying a bike, public Transport, opening a dutch Bank Account, working In The netherlands: Finding a job.

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